Orthodontics is that part of dentistry that deals with the unusual proportions of dental arrays and the anatomical structures associated with them: the central nervous system, the facial musculature and the skeletal components.


The main goals of orthodontic treatment are to determine the correct arrangement of the teeth and to achieve an effective chewing function, therefore a good condition of the teeth and the chewing apparatus. Orthodontic treatment aims to achieve the best facial harmony of the patient and to ensure that the results achieved over time are preserved.


In more detail, we can say that the orthodontist has the task of forming a correct diagnosis to prevent deviations and to conduct proper treatment of dental misgivings that provoke changes in the aesthetic harmony of the face. Orthodontics also deals with problematic conditions of the chewing machine, problems with the development of the jaws and the sprouting of the teeth. In fact, orthodontics is based on the use of moving or stationary devices that produce guided tooth movements and modifications to skeletal structures (facial bone) and tissues attached to the teeth (gingiva and alveolar bone).


For orthodontic treatment, specific skills are required by the attending physician, as well as a treatment time that depends on the orthodontic anomalies of the patient. The patient should be fully motivated, cooperating with the dentist and maintain good oral hygiene.


The time for starting orthodontic treatment is variable and depends on the severity of the anomaly.


The best time to first visit a child with orthodontist is 5 years of age. Many dental abnormalities can be prevented by controlling harmful childhood habits.


The duration of treatment is variable, depending both on orthodontic anomaly and patient co-operation.


Orthodontic devices are removable (ribbons) and untrammeable (brackets). Snaps can be placed and removed by the patient, and non-lumps are attached or cemented to the teeth.


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