Детска Дентална Медицина

Child Dental Medicine

Children’s dental care takes care of the oral health of newborns, children and adolescents. This includes treatment of caries and diseases of the pulp and periodontium, malocclusion and emergency treatment.


The terms for the teeth are:


temporary teeth:


Central temporary incisors 6-8 months


Side incisions 8-12 months


First Temporary Molers 12-16 Months


Dog teeth 16-20 months


Second temporary molar 20-30 months


permanent teeth :


First permanent molars, central incisors 6-7 years


Side incisors 7-8 years


First Permanent Premolar 8-9 Years


Dog teeth 9-10 years


Second permanent premolars 10-11g.


Second permanent molar 11-13.


Third Permanent Moths 17-21


First visit


You must be 1 year old. At that time, the first teeth came up and the dentist can discuss methods of oral hygiene, as well as directing parents with regard to diet, fluoride intake, removal of harmful foot-feeding habits that can lead to orthodontic anomalies.


Frequency of visits:


The child should visit the office twice a year. The number of visits depends on whether the child has caries, poor oral hygiene and unusual dental growth




Meaning of temporary teeth:


Temporary (milk teeth) are of great importance. Thanks to them the child learns to talk properly and to chew. Milky teeth retain a place for permanent ones. If the child loses them at an early age, the teeth adjacent to the defect can move to the vacated place and lead to orthodontic problems of the permanent teeth.


Cleaning the temporary teeth:


In the newborn, gauze is used to clean the soft tissues in the mouth (s) after eating. After the first tooth emerges, a soft toothbrush can be used.


Using Toothpaste:


After the first teeth have sprung, a paste can be used. Fluoride paste is not recommended for children under 2 years of age, because they can swallow it and take a larger amount of fluoride, which can cause dental stains. Parents should help the children to brush their teeth while the little ones can not do it on their own. They should rinse very well after brushing the teeth.

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