Stem cells

Storage of mesenchymal stem cells from the milk tooth pulp


The service for storing stem cells from the toothpaste is a new opportunity on a world level. The discovery was made in 2003 by a scientific team at the Department of the National Institute of Health of the United States, which opens up a new field of research on the possibilities of therapeutic application of stem cells.

Today, innovations give a second chance to children who do not have stored stem cells at birth to get a priceless gift that is contained in the milk cog. Pulp of the tooth is the biological source of valuable stem cells. Exactly there, with the accumulation of dentin, a hermetically sealed and sterile space is formed, containing multiple stem cells. Pulp of the tooth is formed in the embryonic stage of development of the organism and therefore the cells are young and carry the original DNA. It has been shown that the pulp of a millet can contain from 1,000 to 10,000 stem cells that can be isolated, propagated by cell cultures and implanted in a lesion area to initiate new tissue.

The procedure for their extraction is quick and painless, it is performed between 5 and 13 years of age, with the removal of a shaking milk tooth, with the professional help of our trained dentist. Isolated stem cells are stored for 20 years under liquid nitrogen at -196 ° C, whereby they retain their vitality, can be propagated and used for treatment.

It is now widely accepted that, due to its nature and qualities, stem cells of the milk teeth in the near future may have a clinical application similar to that of mesenchymal stem cells from cord blood or bone marrow. Diseases that are predicted to be treated with dental stem cells are the following:

Construction of dental tissue

– Regeneration of the dental pulp; Regeneration of periodontal tissues; Treatment of caries

Regeneration of tissues

– Myocardial regeneration after heart attacks;

– Treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, stroke;

– Building new cartilages and connections; Treatment of osteoarthritis; Treatment of fractures;

– Use in maxillofacial surgery such as bone implants in case of jaw injuries and bone disorders

Service cost

POSITION A – processing and storage of stem cells from one milk tooth – 3500 BGN

POSITION B – processing and storage of stem cells from two extracted milk teeth – 4500 BGN

POSITION C – processing and storage of stem cells from two consecutively extracted milk teeth – BGN 4800

We offer the possibility of monthly installment payment without any cost!