Dental tourism

Dental tourism in DSTE Dental clinic


Give yourself a dazzling smile and self-esteem. Leave an elegant impression on others every time you express your smile. With the ECD Dental Clinic you will solve your dental problems for 5 work in Bulgaria.


The high-tech dental laboratory that we have available allows for individual approach and design of your smile. Modern solutions with innovative materials, methods and complete treatment in one place.


EAST Dental Clinic offers comfort and modern interior design combined with luxury for its patients. The team of Ese Dental Clinic has highly qualified specialists from all areas of dental medicine.

Dental tourism is a combination of vacation and specialized dental treatment. Bulgaria is an increasingly attractive destination for dental tourism, a combination of highly qualified physicians in dental medicine, modern equipment, unbelievable natural conditions, balanced climate and low prices for dental services.

Many foreigners successfully take advantage of dental tourism opportunities in Bulgaria, combining first class dentistry with an unforgettable vacation, enjoying the incredibly beautiful nature of Bulgaria.


ETE Dental Clinic has a well-established name in Sofia, Bulgaria. The clinic serves a number of diplomatic missions and embassies. ESET Dental Clinic works with patients from different countries: Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Greece, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Dubai and Turkey.


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